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Organic India presents: Deva Premal & Miten On Tour

poster general 250Deva & Miten's high energy Mantras For Life fall tour kicks off at the Omega Chant Retreat Aug 29, then whirls on to Bhakti Fest, Phoenix, Sedona, Grass Valley, San Rafael, Seattle, Edmonton, Calgary, Boulder, NY, Miami, Mexico City, Lima, Bogota, Santiago, Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Porto Alegre and Buenos Aires.

They will be accompanied by bansuri maestro Manose, plus special guests Spencer Cozens on keyboards & Joby Baker on bass, percussion & vocals for the USA, Canada, & Mexico dates.

Find details and ticket information for the USA, Canada & Mexico here, and for Peru, Colombia, Chile, Brazil & Argentina here.

"Bring your voices and your open hearts to sing the mantras of peace with us in these intense times. Om shanti om." –Deva & Miten

The Mantras For Life Tour is presented by Organic India.

Mantras For Life: Deva & Miten's New Album

Mantras for Life is the luminous new album from Deva Premal & Miten with Manose, intended to support you in sacred mantra practice. The mantras are chanted in the traditional manner of 108 times, which allows us to immerse ourselves in the potent energy of these ancient sound formulas.

This transcendent collection topped the charts when first released: #1 Amazon World Music chart; #1 Amazon New Age/Meditation chart; and #2 Billboard New Age chart.

Featuring Manose on bansuri and Kamal Engels on midi-cello, the album includes chants to invoke specific intentions, including protecting & blessing children; healing body, mind & spirit; caring for all animals; helping friends and loved ones to transition from their physical bodies; and offering gratitude and support to Mother Earth. Ananda, a joyful new concert favourite featuring Joby Baker, is also included as a bonus track.

Deva & Miten invite you to experience the deep inner healing and peace that chanting these Mantras for Life offers.

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Organic Gold Mantra Beads Now Available

Deva & Miten and master goldsmith Ami Ben-Hur are now offering a beautiful new way to bring the energy of mantras with you into your daily life. A mantra of your choice is inscribed on a scroll made from 24 karat organic gold, and then rolled into a bead and sealed with fire to encapsulate its vibration.

Organic gold is gold that is found and collected in rivers or in places that it has naturally risen up to the ground surface. It has not been mined or chemically treated in any way, and retains all of its original qualities – flexibility, conductivity, purity & the frequenies of golden light.

You also receive a free MP3 download of your mantra being chanted by Deval & Miten, so you can be immersed in the energy of this ancient sound formula. Click here for details about this very special Mantra Bead offering.

Deva Premal & Miten from Ami Ben Hur on Vimeo.

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" Songs for the Inner Lover is a powerful and passionate work of love. The beautiful music of Miten and Deva Premal truly speaks to the heart and will move your soul. Both Sage and I have been blessed to have the music touch our lives. "

Anthony Robbins - Author, Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power

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Click event for details
  Aug 29: OMEGA INST  
  Sep 5: BHAKTI FEST  
  Sep 7: PHOENIX, AZ  
  Sep 9: SEDONA, AZ  
  Sep 11: GRASS VALLEY, CA  
  Sep 13: SAN RAFAEL, CA  
  Sep 16: SEATTLE, WA  
  Sep 19: EDMONTON, AB  
  Sep 21: CALGARY, AB  
  Sep 23: BOULDER, CO  
  Sep 26: NEW YORK, NY  
  Sep 28: MIAMI, FL  
  Sep 30: MEXICO CITY, MX  
  Oct 2: LIMA, PERU  
  Oct 16: BRASILIA, BR  
  Oct 18: SAO PAULO, BR  
  Oct 20: PORTO ALEGRE, BR  
  Oct 22: BUENOS AIRES, AR  
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